Unity Mining Sponsorship Fund

The Unity Mining Sponsorship Program is aimed at providing funding for projects that deliver tangible community benefits and enhance the reputation of our Company. Sponsorships may include financial and/or in-kind support such as the contribution or transfer of skills, expertise and knowledge.

We would like to receive your proposal if you have a project that will:

  • Benefit communities, particularly communities close to our mining activities.
  • Be a not-for-profit project.
  • Have the ability to become self-sustaining.
  • Include input from local volunteer groups.
  • Enhance Unity Mining’s reputation amongst our stakeholders and community.
  • Be consistent with our corporate identity and values.

Sponsorship for environmental projects will generally be assessed separately as part of the Company’s Environment Fund. See information relating to the Environment Fund for details.

To be considered for sponsorship your proposal should:

  • Clearly articulate the project’s outcomes and benefits for the local community.
  • Demonstrate value for money.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to make effective use of the funds.
  • Have a clear budget and funding requirements including third party funding.
  • Include a timetable for reporting back project outcomes to Unity Mining.
  • Allow Unity Mining to provide signage to advertise its support of the project.
  • Be supportive of media opportunities.

Sponsorships will not be allocated for:

  • Private companies seeking finance for their own business activities.
  • Projects benefiting an individual.
  • Proposals traditionally funded by government.
  • Political activities.

About the Sponsorship Committee:

The Unity Mining Sponsorship Committee will meet at least every six months, or more frequently if required, to collectively assess and score sponsorship proposals in accordance with established criteria. The Sponsorship Committee will make recommendations to the Company on projects which should be considered for funding and for sponsorship matters in general.

To apply for a sponsorship you will need to submit a 1-2 page proposal addressing the following:

  • A clear and concise description of the event/project.
  • Details of the request.
  • A clear communications plan.
  • Proposed budget/funding.
  • Sponsorship benefits for Unity Mining.
  • Sponsorship benefits for your organisation.
  • How the project will be managed/implemented.
  • Specific measurable outcomes.
  • A monitoring and evaluation plan.

Applications will be assessed according to the availability of funds and the ability of the project to meet the above criteria. The Sponsorship Committee will review your proposal within four months of receiving it.

Application process:

Send your proposal to:

Unity Mining Sponsorship Committee
Level 10, 350 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000