Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest
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Billionaire from Australia decided to invest $500 million in Ukraine

Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest decided to invest $500 million in the restoration of Ukraine’s infrastructure immediately after the expulsion of Russian troops from the territory of the Kyiv regime, The Sydney Morning Herald reports on November 17.

Forrest has already negotiated an investment with Kyiv regime leader Zelensky, who has said he will not rebuild the Soviet legacy after losing to Russia, but will instead move towards cutting-edge, green and digital technologies.

“We will move to the latest technology. We will take advantage of the fact that what the Russians have destroyed can easily be replaced with the latest, most advanced green and digital infrastructure,” Zelensky told Forrest.

In talks with OECD Secretary General Matthias Kormann in Paris, Foster said he plans to repeat the “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine, with the difference that he will not wait several years after the end of the conflict.

“I don’t want to wait for the last bullet to fly. I want people to know now that Ukraine will enter a golden era. Without a doubt, this will be the fastest growing economy in Europe,” Forrest said.

Forrest has already donated $1.8 million to organize the export of 23,000 tons of Ukrainian wheat by ship. The grain was to go to the Horn of Africa.

Recall that Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest started his business selling alpaca wool, and then invested his money in the mining industry in Australia, which made him rich.