Australia has 4 Mining Engineering faculties in the top 10 this year 2022
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Why is Australia the ideal destination to study specializations in mining?

At the gates of PERUMIN 35 “Mining Convention”, the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) encourages Peruvians who work or want to dedicate themselves to the mining sector to study an undergraduate or master’s degree at an Australian university.

Australia is a highly developed and attractive mining country in the global mining industry according to the Fraser Institute’s 2021 annual survey of mining companies, which is confirmed by having 4 Mining Engineering faculties in the top 10 this year 2022.

“Australia is a very successful mining nation, we have an incredibly profitable, clean, safe, productive and totally advanced energy mining sector in terms of technology and social acceptance,” said Maree Ringland, Australia’s ambassador to Peru.

Currently, there are Peruvians studying mining issues at renowned Australian universities, some as PRONABEC scholarship holders, others sponsored by private companies and some more with their own means. Such is the case of Luis Omar Coaguila, an Arequipeño graduate of Mechanical Engineering from UNSA who is currently studying a Master of Predictive Analytics at Curtin University.

“I chose to study at Curtin University because it is among the best universities in the world according to QS Ranking. Also, it is considered one of the best in mining studies. I got a discount on my tuition, by contacting the largest private bank in Peru (BCP) who, by working with the university, manages a discount of up to 25% in addition to giving credit at a preferential rate”, says Coaguila, a Peruvian student at Curtin University.

In addition to this university, the University of Queensland, New South Wales and the University of Western Australia are also in the top 10, each with a particular charisma and special strengths in different branches of the mining industry.